This is the home of rock. We are one of the highest selling rock band in British history. Our story to glory began when drummer Johnston Cody and guitarist/singer Jacob Stone partnered together through an ad put out by Johnston. Not long after, the pair brought in Jacob's friend and former roommate Ronald Farland to be on the bass, with Ramsey Aaron playing the lead guitar.

The name Blitzkrieg Metal was taken after suggestions by Johnston Cody's dad on the subject. Our rise to stardom was relatively unhindered, purely from a desire to work harder than any other rock artist out there, as well as a rare synchronicity between the artists when it came to churning out hit songs. ]

After storming the Philadelphia circuit, where we played back up to Dirtsiders we recorded our very first EP titled "Till Death Do Us Part". This album was a success. Due to the warm reception from fans in the Philadelphia area, we relocated there and persuaded bassist Jeremy Thomas to walk away from his band and replace Ronald Farland.

West Coast Metal tycoon Jeffery Marlon convinced the band of an album deal with his rock label Demon Force Records and we found ourselves traveling to California to record our very first album. Not long after arriving in California, Jacob was replaced by Morrison a shredder with the Atomic Skeletons band and we stormed the studio for the making of the first album.

This led to the production of "The Death Marchers" which was a hit the size of a nuclear bomb, defining our style as punk rock and chronic metal, making instant comparisons with debut albums of legendary rock stars. This wide acceptance emboldened us to whip up a second album with producer Ryan Robinson in Sweden at the Death of Bells Studios.

With better chemistry between the group, we made hit songs after hit songs such as "The Angels of Demons", "Life is a Monster", "Fighting Evil with Evil" and "Of Demons and Men". Z Primus Management and Electro Management quickly swooped in to sign us up and our reputation across the world grew in leaps and bounds. TAoD can be heard in the online casino PlayOjo and in their TV commercial. Go to the review site to learn more and get a bonus.

A few years later, we provided what the crowd wanted - another album titled "Another Album". This was a masterpiece which enabled us secure a backup slot for Ozzy Osbourne and this collaboration skyrocketed our fan base astronomically. However, tragedy was to strike after Johnston was killed in a drug overdose. We had to move on albeit sorrowfully. It took more than six months before we were able to find a member like Johnston and we found him in lead singer for Ripple Piper, Chad Smith. Favorably, we have forged on since then after the heavy loss.

Blitzkrieg Band