Despite our popularity in our formative years, it was not until recently that we began to receive the awards and recognition in the mainstream that we deserved. Five years ago, our album was nominated for the Soul Train Award for Best Rap Collaboration which was a remix of "Gangster’s paradise" with Jay Kon.

The track would later win the award at the event. We received our first Universal Music nomination for Best Live Performance after our performance three years ago of the album tour "The Death March" unfortunately we did not win the best rock album of the year despite being nominated. We have won best rock performance by a group on four occasions with songs including "Give Them Hell" "Water Over Ice" "The Heavens of Demons" and "Angels on Fire". We are second only to Metallica on awards won on this event.

Also, our music videos became resurgent and won quite a few awards in the past three years. We have been ranked as the 17th most successful artist on the Earth music video awards (VMA) winning seven of those awards to date. We are the 5th highest winner in the category of Best Rock Video winning four of those awards in a remarkable 7 years.

We are also up there on the Viewers Choice with Three awards to our name. We have been nominated and won once in these categories: Upcoming Video of the Year, Best Rock Single, Best Rock Collaboration, and Best Soundtrack for a Movie. The Videos by which we won some of these awards include "Suicide in Hell", "The Death Wishers", "A Scarecrow Christmas", and "Bullet through the Brain".

Over the duration of our music journey, we have also been recipients of five American Music Awards, five Metal Billboard Awards, three People's Verdicts Awards, twelve Philadelphia Music Awards. Some of our highest recognition in the music industry include induction into the Hollywood Rock of Fame, recognition for lifetime achievement by Rolling Stones Magazine, and honorary award from the MTV base music video awards.

In the technological and electronic field, we have achieved several landmarks. We were the first to release a song on the compact disc format. We were also the first rock band to have a full collection of Guitar Hero, a game that is built on rock stars. The game was an instant hit selling over five million copies and is still considered to be one of the highest selling musical video game of all time. We have held a number of chart and album records including album sales achievements. We continue to wax stronger, creating more music and reaching out to a larger audience with our style. We have conquered but continue to march on.

Blitzkrieg Band