The discography of Blietzrig consists of 5 studio albums 3 live albums, two extended plays, 33 singles, 12 video albums, 26 music videos and two box sets. The album known as Death Marchers debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 100. The album allowed us go on our debut tour across North America for two years. This was followed by "Pride and Glory" which debuted on number 1 on the UK Rock chart. St. Jives was recorded without an official lead guitarist after the death of Johnston.

Till Death Do Us Part

This is an album produced by Demon Force Records and was the true landmark album for the band. This was as a result of the surgical craftsmanship of the musical elements which infused psychedelic punk, with new wave rock.

The album's approach was decidedly different from the usual rock style of the day and was later the inspiration for other upcoming bands who chose to follow the same pattern. This album did not enter into the American Top 100 until five months later when it debuted at number 85. The album received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike for its surgical precision and was later gained 4x platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for selling four million copies in the United States alone.

The Death March

This is the second album we recorded. It was produced a few years after the first album which was a major success story. The album took a little more than three weeks with the album art depicting three Skeletons riding three black stallions.

Although showcasing the genre with which we were earlier known, this album added the depth of heavy metal. Highlighting the musical sophistication of the band and the ability to adapt new concepts to their music. This was slightly due to the innovation of the new members into the group after the old ones left or passed away.

We began the infusion of electrical and synthetic guitars to elevate our sound on this album to reach out to a younger demographic. The overall cost of this album could not be shouldered by the label and was shared with two other labels including Exotica Studios and Valarenga Records.

Single Hits

Life is a Monster

This is a song released in the sophomore album Death March. The track debuted on number 6 on the American Rock 100 before peaking at number 3. It entered the Billboard Hot 200 entering at 52 before going on to peak at number 17. It was well anticipated in the UK and immediately broke into the chart at no 2 were it stayed for 3 weeks. The track sold 24 million copies.

Blitzkrieg Band