Members of Blietzrig, Trinity, Holy Warriors, and other Philadelphia Black Metal groups reminisce on the wildness of the scene when it hit its peak a few years ago in the upcoming documentary movie title "Sinners Are Born To Die". This documentary will be exclusively aired on Netflix and Hulu.

"It was filled with angst and pain" Trinity guitarist Richard Hendrix says "It was an outlet for the dark".

"Death to Poseurs!" screams Arabella Munch of the Holy Warriors black metal group as she throws her hands in the air.

The documentary was directed by Billy Rogers of the Guns n Roses acclaim. After the exclusive screening by the two movie giants, the hyper group Metal Affinity featuring members of Holy Warriors, Trinity, and Fandango, will perform in a live event across the Amex stadium with special guest Ozzy Osbourne on stage for the first time since 2008.

The documentary movie also features a Q & A with Demonico the latest winners of the best rock album at the Grammy Awards in 2019. Other guest appearances include, U2, Queen, Megadeth, and Aerosmith it also features soundtracks from most of the groups. This documentary movie is written from the perspective of rock aficionados Brian Clarke and Marcos Jeremy.

The book from which the documentary movie was made, was written with a vibrant theme where all the bands were of equal status and there was real friendship between them. It showcases the sweats of the theaters, the buzzing in the ears, the drug usage and the beginning of psychedelia.

It captures the humanness of the moment culminating into a book and now a documentary movie. The film adds to the book perspective by describing how fans in Philadelphia drew inspiration from European groups like Cold Play, Iron Maiden, and Evanescence and mixed those innovative sound into something exotic.

Fandango Closes down North American Tour with rousing display at Van Angel Arena

Fandango found themselves in nowhere else but the Grand Rapids in Michigan on the 27th of March, to recreate their final North American tour on their just released album "The Death of Light and Shadow". The Grammy nominated album has shattered several attendance milestones including recent events at Wichita, Ohio, Charlottesville, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Indianapolis.

In their droves, the metal fans thronged the vast arena, many putting on t-shirts that screamed their love for Fandango, as they prepared themselves for a night of metal jamming from their icons. Many years into their career, the group still sounds authentic. Maintaining the style that brought them fame fortune and glory for so many years. Throughout the show the love continued to flow for one of the greatest rock music band of all time.

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